The Scientific Difference

Our analyses are conducted entirely by Ph.D. holding academics working at America's top research universities, ensuring that our polls and reports are backed by the most up-to-date social science research methodologies.

Academic Research

PA analysts have published academic research in a variety of areas and journals, and those academic standards of transparency and rigor provide additional value in the guidance we provide clients. Some of these projects are accessible below.


Converting scholarly expertise into client value

Jonathan D. Klingler, Ph.D.

Principal Analyst

Jonathan D. Klingler is an assistant professor in the Department of Political Science at the University of Mississippi. His research examines the influence of psychology in the behavior of political elites, as well as their relationships with supporters, often measured with survey and text data. He has taught classes on political methodology and American politics at the University of Mississippi, Vanderbilt University, and the University of Rochester, where he received his Ph.D. in 2013, and held an appointment at the Institute for Advanced Study in Toulouse as a Research Fellow from 2013-2016.

J. Tyson Chatagnier, Ph.D.

Research Analyst

J. Tyson Chatagnier is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Political Science at the University of Houston. He has previously held positions at Vanderbilt University, the Bruno Kessler Foundation's Research Center on International Politics and Conflict Resolution (CeRPIC) in Trento, Italy, and the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies, Europe. In March of 2013, he received his Ph.D. from the Department of Political Science at the University of Rochester. He studies international relations broadly, with particular attention to the relationship between conflict and economics.

Grant L. Ferguson, Ph.D.

Research Analyst

Grant L. Ferguson is an Instructor and Director of Outreach & Public Service Internships in the Department of Political Science at Texas Christian University. Dr. Ferguson studies American politics, and his research focuses on voting, elections, public opinion, and political psychology. He teaches courses on Introduction to American Politics, American and Texas Government, Campaigns and Elections, Political Psychology, and Science Fiction and Politics.

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