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Our team of formally trained quantitative social scientists is able to leverage their skills to provide reliable knowledge and exceptional value to clients.

Publicly Available Praecones Analytics Reports

Get a sense of the type of polling reports provided to PA clients below:


Providing reliable opinion research and interpretation

Actionable intelligence requires more than just data. It demands reliable measurements of the target population's opinion, statistically valid data analysis of the resulting measures, and clear delivery of the results to appropriate stakeholders. Our analysts' experiences in data analysis in academia, politics, and market research help to ensure that our analysis maximizes client value.

Sampling and Data Collection

Praecones Analytica provides comprehensive sample construction and data collection services. We have the capability to construct custom samples across a variety of sampling frames, including online sources, RDD landlines, and voter lists. Our sample construction techniques have been successful in minimizing sampling bias and providing accurate inferences into public opinion among several target populations.

Survey Design and Statistical Analysis

Our analysts have a track record of providing actionable advice to clients in the construction of survey instruments, based on their extensive experience in analyzing survey data and identifying response bias. Correction of common pitfalls in survey design can ensure that every question provides the most informative insight into public opinion.

We also offer a wide variety of techniques for unpacking collected survey data and extracting valuable insights. From the application of our time-proven weighting procedures to regression and more sophisticated analytics techniques in the realm of computer-assisted text analysis and machine learning, our services work to extract clear insights from collected survey data at every level of complexity.

Descriptive Analytics and Interpretation

Our experience in academic research and media polls allow us to deliver easily digestible descriptive interpretation of survey data, with the priority placed on allowing readers to dig deep into the data with a minimal amount of technical knowledge. Our analytical approach seeks out interesting and useful relationships between variables based on social science research and delivers these broad insights in easy to read reports.

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